Regional Rapport is an Islamabad based research and advocacy think tank working with the aim to develop peace narratives within the states and beyond do research and analysis on foreign policy, international relations, peace and conflict, geopolitics, environment, climate change and politics with a particular focus on regional integration and interfaith harmony. Regional Rapport is conducting policy-oriented research, advocacy from a broad multi-disciplinary perspective and to strengthen civil society and facilitate civil society-government interaction through collaboration with other organizations and activist networks. Regional Rapport intends to disseminate research findings and public education through the media, conferences, seminars, lectures, publications and curricula development and to contribute to building up national research capacity and infrastructure. Since 2016 Regional Rapport is working to provide an independent platform to the scholars, thinkers, academics, researchers, scientists, journalists and experts from all over the world.


Regional Rapport aims to create a culture for independent and credible research, shape narratives and recommendations to promote peace, prosperity and pluralism.


Regional Rapport to achieve its goals through, in-depth, independent and innovative research; publishing research papers, research journal, books, monographs; organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, and training sessions; developing institutional linkages with the similar think tanks, government, and non-governmental organizations.


Core Values