Regional Rapport accepts the opinion write-ups on the issues pertaining to International Security, Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, Terrorism & Extremism, History & Civilization, Art & Culture, Democracy & Politics, Peace Diplomacy, Trade & Economy, Connectivity & Transportation, Climate Change, Science & Technology, Maritime and Human Rights.

Length of the write-ups should not less than 800 words not exceed 1,200 words.
The write-ups must be original and exclusive for the Regional Rapport. The write-ups appeared in any print-outlet or website will not be considered.

The write-ups must be duly-reviewed. Grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors may restrict your article to publish online.

The title of the write-ups should not be more than 5 words, explain the core theme of the article in 7 words subtitle.

For the first submission, the Authors must submit high-resolution profile photo and brief introduction (Name, Organization (if any), last educational Degree, Areas of Interest or Specialization).

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