Ambassador of Yemen to Pakistan Mohammed Motahar Alashabi called upon international community to immediately intervene into the conflict, engage Houthis in political process under United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) resolutions, to have peace in the country and end humanitarian crisis while academia proposed Russia as a credible mediator in Yemen conflict rather US and Saudi-led coalition, as later is triggering the crisis rather resolving it.
Addressing the seminar, “Yemen: How to end Humanitarian Crisis?” at National Library, Islamabad, organized by Regional Rapport, an eminent think tank, Al-shabi stressed, “Yemen crisis would only be resolved through political means and not by military intervention” while compelled, “Houthis to come to the negotiating table and show their interest in peace.”
Ambassador Motahar Alashabi said, “Houthis wants power by force, they have no respect for humanity. Their “Death Slogan” is reflected in their daily killing of Yemenis.
Describing worst humanitarian disaster of present times, Motahar Alashabi said,  “there is no food, no water, no medicines and people grappled in hunger, starvation and diseases.” and added that “hospitals, schools and markets were indiscriminately bombed, Hudaydah port is under Houthi control, they confiscate 60% of humanitarian aid.”
Yemeni people were punished for nothing, in reality, “they want harmony, cognisance, peace and better life” but, “Houthis have not only destroyed their own but also threatened regional countries, in the international community, will never own their crimes.” Alashabi said.
Proposing the solution, Yemen Ambassador said, “ending the (Yemen) crisis, would only be possible through proposed decentralisation, ending the destructive coup, allowing humanitarian relief and workers to the affected areas, stop bombing civilians, clearance of landmines at earliest. He made it clear that “President Hadi elected by the people of Yemen according to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative and, replaced President Ali Abdullah Sale.”
Dr Manzoor Afridi, the Head of InternationalRelation Department at International Islamic University said that political solution through negotiations of all warring groups in Yemen should be sought for a Yemen-owned peace process, under the auspices of the UNSC. The humanitarian crisis in Yemen due to civil war needs immediate attention of the world community in general, and OIC and Middle Eastern countries, particularly.
Tahir Malik, Senior Professor at Department of International Relations, National University of Modern Languages has cautioned that Saudi objective is to escalate US military involvement without any political settlement to prolong Yemen war, disregarding the humanitarian toll. “Russia can be credible mediator acceptable to different warring factions it can negotiate a political settlement in the light of United Nations Security Council’s (UNSC) resolutions” he added.
During the thought-provoking speech by Dr Syed Qandil Abbas assistant professor of School and Politics and International Relations, Quid-e-Azam University’s said that “suffering of Yemeni people reaching unprecedented levels, UNSC should stop external powers providing arms and military equipment to the warring parties.”
Criticizing the Saudi led coalition, he stressed that coalition should compel to end aggression against Yemen and compensate for the enormous damage done to that country. Dr Qadil emphasized that the Yemen conflict requires a political solution through dialogue and calling on all parties to respect international law and stop the violence.
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