Derekism* is a doctrine that is founded on considering the white as superior and others as inferior. However, being white is not a performance. Darekism always hated other races and colours, and whenever it got an opportunity, it came to bloodshed. Its followers are but few because the people having white colour bear supreme values and they are very civilized.

However, every conscious human being needs to play his part in preventing Derekism from gaining abundance and strength. We are sailing all alone in this little boat, world, in the universe spreading over billions of light-years. We looked at the world with an amazing eye. We are still alone even after solving thousands of mathematical puzzles, making telescopes of billion dollars’ worth, and then sending our powerful telescopes into space.

We have fought bravely for thousands of years for our survival against the blind and ruthless forces of nature. While passing through the red hell of epidemics, famine and drought, hunger and poverty, and fear and mistrust, today we are near to ascending the status from zero to type one civilization. In this situation, our fright is quite natural on Derekism’s efforts for deteriorating the most beautiful part of human civilization. It is the Derekism that forces humans to spend more on defence than on hunger and poverty, education, health and scientific research.

Derekism has fixed its paws in various shapes on different parts of this planet. Its slogan may be different but its ideology is the same. Derek-\ism is the name of taking pride in colour, language, dogma, regional and tribal prejudices, and blooded history. But our target at the moment is the English Derekism which always upheld the excuse that the black are fond of crime.

According to Mr Derek, he is an alien who descends from the skies in a saucer. He is intelligent, beautiful, and immortal. He hates us because we are human. Human: who is born in blood and pains, leads a life full of fatigue and struggle; and leaves this world in tears and regrets. In these few years’ life, he just longs for respect, encouragement, and love. But this alien wants to deprive man of these things.

Every conscientious person and philanthropist intellectual is perturbed at the efforts of Derekism to conquer America, the most beautiful and the most vital part of the human civilization. America that is the flag bearer of world peace, equality, democracy, and justice has started looking down upon the efforts of global well-wishing and the pursuit of peace and justice. Now, America has started using the words ‘I’ and ‘My’ instead of ‘Mankind’, ‘Humanity’ and ‘We’; instead of being a policeman, the people are being urged to be money lenders.

Now, America is at war with China over the distribution of wealth. It has a misconception that China will lead the world on the basis of wealth. These are the American values, nonetheless, it is what makes it great. Its love for respect for humanity, justice, equality, democracy, and knowledge and research make it great.

America’s greatness lies in its epistemology. Whatever the meaning is applied to it by any of the pundit, cleric, racist or fascist in the world, but this is the same American philosophy that teaches the American children global citizenship that has been the advocate of the global democracy, global fraternity, and global state. Would that Mr Derek was educated in the true sense! He would consider this planet as his own home and would love every human being. He would realize that it was love, compassion, and the spreading of happiness that made all men alike.

He would know that America is a country of refugees. It is inhabited by refugees. And for that reason, every man in the world can take pride in it and can call it his own. This land refuged Einstein when he had no place left in the world. When American values dominated, slavery ended in the world. America will remain the world leader as long as the American values dominate, and every coming Einstein of the world will find America its last heaven.
Fear is such a weapon in the hands of every Fascist that he valiantly uses to legitimize his existence and to strengthen his ideology.

Today, Mr Derek presents China as a dread. While in order to make it great, China would have to opt for the same values as American has opted. But China is yet far from this destination, and the day China possessed these values, it would become America’s brother instead of its rival that would consider it worship to eradicate sorrows, sickness, lawlessness, oppression, and injustice from this world joining hands with America. China, along with America would try to make it possible to conquer time and space. No aware man considers the riches a standard of glory. On the contrary, when a thinker sees the bloody evening of 14 April 1865, his head bows down of glory; and the bowed head of a thinker is better than millions of bowed skulls full of greed and fear.

The American Constitution, for a long time, has proven to be an iron wall against fascism. However, fascism is found every time and everywhere on this earth. They are untiringly busy day and night in getting control of the world in their hands. Human history witnesses that fascism has always appareled the earth in the red of blood. But today, once again the grave shadows of fascism are hovering over this beautiful and lively planet because the powerful land of the refugees is about to turn its face from humanity. This establishment accommodated the United Nations by its side. It has been saluting the world leaders on New York Airport for decades. But today, this establishment is about to refuse to feed the United Nations anymore because of the Darekism about to dominate American today.

America’s conscientious people are that whenever the Darekism strangles a George Floyd, it insults Nelson Mandela. It insults Obama. It also insults the girl who calls Obama her ideal, and consequently, the Taliban shot her in the head. I do not know how long the racist ideology of Darekism will continue to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. There must be somebody to save this old, deceased president from the vicious cycle of Avagon (Reincarnation). He deserves forgiveness because he did not commit this mistake. He was just born and asked for the right to live freely.

* Derek Michael Chauvin is an American former police officer known for his involvement in the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020.

Note: The write-up was primarily written in Urdu, translated by Fayyaz Munir.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy and position of Regional Rapport.

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Mr Zia Ul Haq is a philanthropist, Islamic Scholar, having an outstanding interest in Philosophy and cosmology. He is the Chairman of Milky Way Foundation, an Islamabad based non-governmental organization that is committed to provide quality education to poor segment of society, impart handy skills among the youth and women to end unemployment and poverty in the country. In Philosophy, he primarily focuses on existentialist debates and the Philosophy of Religion.