Western interests lead blind eye towards India, has multiplied atrocities in Kashmir, escalating animosity towards Pakistan and increasing acts of sabotage against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), but this Indian approach will never fulfills the futuristic scenario of resolving core issues and attaining economic development agenda through lasting peace in South Asia.

Over the last two months, there have been over fifty civilian deaths owing to unprovoked Indian firing at different locations along the Line of Control (LoC) on both sides of Kashmir. The worst demonstration of cross LoC firing was on November 23, 2016 in Neelum Valley. This heavy weapon firing on a passenger bus killed 10 innocent civilians and injured eleven. The ambulance service too was fired upon, once it came for the rescue the injured personnel. Nowhere in the world, even during active war are ambulance targeted.

Mass killing and killing of dozens of others, elsewhere along the LoC is worst form of Indian aggression and violation of LoC and Working boundary. Killings of civilians and their property has created a sense of insecurity and fear among the population, living near LoC. As a result of this firing, the people of affected areas have started shifting elsewhere, educational institutions are close and people cannot come out of their houses. Even inside the houses, they are unsafe and scared. Four children were killed in Khuiratta area of the Kotli sector, while they were playing in the courtyard of their house. Indeed, there is humanitarian crisis in AJK too all along the LoC.

Apparently, there seem no reasons of unprovoked Indian firing along the LoC. However visualizing the mind-set of Indian leadership one could easily reach over to the conclusion that India is under-taking this offensive act, in fact a terrorism to achieve three objectives. First; to divert the attention of international community, UNO and Pakistan, away from the massive human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir, which Indian forces are committing since 1990. The recent wave of this state sponsor terrorism of India killed over 160 innocent Kashmiris in IHK and injured over 10,000. India is using pallet guns and other prohibited weapons and techniques to punish and paralyse the Kashmiri youth.

There was a global condemnation of these massive human rights violations in IHK, which was questioning the Indian democracy and secularism too. The world has learnt about the real face of Indian secularism and its democracy. Indeed, India has been deceitful to the world over many issues, it is confronting internally besides its genocide acts of Kashmiris. Owing to political, economic and strategic reasons, there has been soft corner of the major powers and Europe for India over the years. India seems losing this aspect too. The rogue India Army has committed unprecedented human rights violations in IHK and now has expanded its domain up to AJK.

The second aspect is Indian frustration over the gigantic project; the CPEC and progress made by Pakistan on the said project. Since India was against the idea of the CPEC, therefore, seeing the rapid progress of development of this project in last one year, India got frustrated and under tremendous strain. It never wanted the wave of economic progress in Pakistan through projects like CPEC. With the completion of this corridor, Pakistan will get lot of FDI and opportunities for economic development and prosperity upon completion of this project. On one hand India is destabilizing Pakistan through the promotion of terrorism inside Pakistan, now, it is physically attacking the military posts and civilian  for  creating an impression that Pakistan is unsafe and  insure, thus unsuitable for trade, commerce and investment.

The third aspect is the domestic agitation in India. Indian Prime Minister promised economic uplift of India during the election campaign. Nevertheless, there is a further down fall in the living standard of the people of India, rather any improvement. Then, there is exploitation of minorities, dalits and even Hindus, who are against the fundamental ideology of RSS. Premier Narindra Modi, an old associate of the RSS, follows the philosophy of Hindutva and humiliating those not adhering their school of thought. Since RSS is against the very idea of Pakistan, therefore, its followers would everything against this ideological state.

Strategically, India serve the US objectives of containing China. Therefore, its violations of  International Law, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), bilateral and multilateral agreements and even UN Charter is ignored by US and all those having economic or strategic interests with India.  Almost all states of the world have accepted the UDHR including India. UDHR provides a universal set of minimum standards for how people should be treated. The Declaration guarantees the rights of the individual such as; the right to life and human rights with specific remedies. India violates all with complete impunity from UN and civilized world.

Whereas, the soldiers and those living along the LoC are sacrificing their lives and properties, there has been no worthwhile response from the Government of Pakistan.
Despite sending the parliamentarian and having huge diplomatic corps in various capitals, Pakistan has not been able to convince the international community of Indian brutalities in IHK, its worst form of the violation of LoC, killing dozens of the innocent people.

Whether it is lack of political commitment with Kashmir cause, failure of diplomatic efforts or else biased attitude of international community towards Pakistan, there has to be a strategy formulated by Pakistan to safeguard the masses in Indian occupied Kashmir and people living along the LoC. The response of Kashmiri leadership on both side of the LoC too has been found wanting. Except political statements, there has been no concrete action taken as yet. The time is running out and misgivings among the Kashmiri youth is increasing with each passing day.

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Prof Dr. Muhammad Khan is one of the leading academics, served as Head of Department, International Relations, National Defence University; his areas of interest are as, Politics and Security issues of Asia-Pacific. South Asia: Politics, State and Society, Kashmir Dispute, Dynamics of China as a rising power, U.S interest in South Asian politics, Foreign Policy Pattern of Major powers, Dynamics of Terrorism: Pakistan-Afghan Co-relation and the world, Energy and Pipeline Politics (Central and West Asia).